The most advanced decentralized network in the world

International community
Decentralized Ecosystem
All users are equal, no one can change the immutability of the project.
Ficom’s smart contracts are created once, and cannot be changed over time. The project is totally decentralized.
All transactions are recorded in Blockchain of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. It’s always available to check.
Our partners have gained a lot of profits from this legal and advanced model.
* Smart contract technology is a new phenomenon in the modern decentralized economy. It allows, in accordance with the strong computer program, to process and distribute the financial flows of digital assets. All processes take place in an open and decentralized blockchain network, the infrastructure of which supports the operation of these contracts.
Reinvest is the reopening of slots
Instant payouts to your personal wallet
Payouts go to your upline partner
Ficom is a global decentralized ecosystem and the first-ever smart contract marketing matrix of the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.
The platform applies a self-executing software algorithm that distributes profits for community members, subject to certain rules (matrix marketing plan). The smart contract address and all transactions are available and public in the Ethereum network can always be viewed at the link etherscan.io.
The Ficom platform performs self-executing trades, which will prevent people from interfering with transactions.
Smart contract is a computer program which provides auto-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between two parties, and transactions are trackable and irreversible.
The concept of decentralization refers to the working process based on transferring authority from a centralized administration to the participants involved in the organization or system.
There are two Ficom platforms (Join with ETH or BNB)
- To register with Ficom Ethereum, you need to send 0.1 ETH to a smart contract to activate the x3, x4 and x16 platforms.
- To register with Ficom Binance Smart Chain, you need to send 0.02 BNB to a smart contract to activate the x3, x4 and x16 platforms.
Ficom accepts all types of crypto wallets. However, for each Ficom platform, we recommend using different wallets:
1. Start with Ficom Ethereum:
- Coinbase Wallet (wallet.coinbase.com) for mobile devices.
- Metamask browser (metamask.io) extension for computers and laptops.
2. Start with Ficom Binance Smart Chain:
- Metamask browser (metamask.io) extension for computers and laptops. - Binance Chain wallet extension for computers and laptops.
To create an BNB wallet, you can use Metamask waller or Coinbase Wallet.
- For PC, you need to go to the Metamask website (metamask.io) and add the extension for your browser.
- For mobile devices, you need to install the Coinbase Wallet Application (wallet.coinbase.com)
When registering, do not forget to safely and securely save the passwords/ seed phrases for accessing the wallet later.
If you are new to cryptocurrency, it may be a little bit hard and confused to change fiat money into Bitcoin or other Altcoins.
There are many ways and platforms to buy/ sell cryptocurrency by fiat money. We recommend using the trusted exchange Coinbase (Coinbase.com)
Your marketing matrix will develop if you can invite many partners to join Ficom platform. However, passive income is still possible in Ficom x4 and Ficom x16 even when you have no referral. We support these accounts by providing through overflows or overtaking who will get into your site from your upline or downline partner.
Nevertheless, your income will depend on spillovers’ activity. Therefore, we recommend users to make effort and create their own marketing network to attract more partners to join the platform. The more people you can invite, the more quick profit you can get.
Ficom platform provides three matrix programs with a certain number of places, which are the x3, x4, and x16. We open three places in the x3 matrix, six in the x4 matrix, and thirty in the x16 matrix. There are 15 levels in Ficom Ethereum and Ficom Binance. The next level cost will be twice as expensive as the previous one because it can bring a double benefit.
Each platform has limited places and your round will finish if the last place is filled. However, to bring more opportunities and infinite profit to users, the full matrix will be reopened automatically. The next partner will be placed in the new matrix at the same level. This is how Repeat mechanism works. The partner who becomes the last spillover will start a new matrix and the registration fee goes to him/her upstream partner. The whole process will be self-conducted by the smart contract.
Overflows are partners who fill in your matrix but they are not your referral. They probably come from your upline or downline partner.
Overtaking happens when your partner cannot active the same or the up level as his partner does, therefore as per the smart contract, the transaction will go to you (as long as you have this level activated). This partner will follow you and brings you an income until his superior partner activates the missing levels.
You are facing no risk of joining Ficom. Even when you only invite 1 person into your matrix, the initial registration fee will be recuperated immediately. The platform and transactions are totally transparent and traceable.
All withdrawal will go directly to your personal waller without any extra cost and the interference of any intermediaries.
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